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#1 Old Forester -Barrel Proof

Distillery: Old Forester

Type & Region: Bourbon, Kentucky, USA

Alcohol: ~65%

Composition: 72% corn, 18% rye, 12% barley

Age: 4-6yrs

Consistency, balance, and above all, quality. That’s what drove our founder, George Garvin Brown, to seal Bourbon in a glass bottle – and sign his name to it as a personal guarantee – for the very first time way back in 1870. Today, Old Forester remains the distinguished choice for those who appreciate authenticity in their Bourbon. Individuals who wish to share a special place in this legacy have an exclusive opportunity to select a single barrel of Old Forester for purchase and personalization through our unique Single Barrel program.

Released Oct, 2023 - Available at club meetings

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Ry3 pic.PNG

#2 RY3 Toasted Cask Strength

Distributer: Phenominal Spirits

Type & Region: Sourced w/NDA

Alcohol: 62.8%

Composition: 3 different American/Canadian Rye whiskeys

Age: 4/4/14yr blend

Finish: Finished in Izalco rum barrels, followed by American oak

Released Winter 2023 - Available online and at club

CLICK HERE to purchase through tier memberships

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1631 Barrel Picks 

-There is quite allot of great whiskey out in the world, especially when you look beyond Sazerac company.  Our goal is to track down the best tasting barrels and offer them to our members at a reasonable price.  We encourage member involvement in barrel tasting, though slots are usually limited.  We try to sample as much as we can remotely, in order to offer more participation and save on travel costs, though sometimes its just best to get to the distillery.  The more involvement we have in purchasing barrel picks, the more picks we can procure. 

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