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Rare and Allocated Bourbon

Has the VA lottery forgotten you yet again? Have you arrived at your local store after an allocated drop notification only to find nothing left?  Dont worry we got you covered.

Current Club Bottles
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B523 -$9/2oz
Benchmark Barrel Proof -$6/2oz (Use for your cocktail!)

Angels Envy Port Finish Single Barrel $17/2oz


Exclusive Access

1631 is slowly building a rare and allocated shelf of whiskey.  As allocated whiskey comes in, we first limit the cost and limit the pour to members only before its available to the public.  

We are working on a club only bourbon locker that's available at meetings, but this is very complicated to manage during regular hours.  

We promise to have at least 1-2 allocated bourbons with member discount at all times.

Buffalo trace lineup .jpeg

Club Tasting

From time to time as cost and access allow we will taste very hard to find whiskey.  Members can vote and help select which bottles we crack open. 

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