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1631 Bourbon Club

This is a non-for-profit private club dedicated to enjoying good whiskey.   Upcoming events include tastings with distilleries, single barrels, rare bourbon, barrels, and educational classes.  We will try and include an option for web login on events and tasting kits for home when possible.  We plan to do barrel picks quarterly, however this may change depending on demand.  All future gatherings after August 2023 will be for paid members only. 


Tier 1 membership benefits:

  • Restaurant discounts -10% off (through gift card purchase)

  • First and discounted access to allocated bourbon

  • Access to all club events

  • Access to barrel picks

  • Rare bottle tasting

  • Distillery tastings - some free

  • Barrel pick tasting - free (limited by group size)

  • Engraved whisky taster - small cost

  • Bar storage for your whiskey taster


Tier 2  

  • Tier 1 perks plus barrel pick

Tier 3

  • Tier 1 perks plus 2 barrel picks and kenzie


Tier 1 : $10/mo

Tier 2 & 3:  must be Tier 1 member, variable quarterly amount

Club Meeting Rules & Etiquette

Spouse/Partners/Family: Always welcome

Guests: 4 guests per visit allowed (including above)

-All guests are allowed to participate (drink/taste) in one event, any further participation by that specific person in a future event will require a membership. 

-All non-participating guests are encouraged to use the bar and restaurant (if open)

-Please e-mail me if you plan to bring more than 4 guests 


If for some reason you get stuck in any checkout screen, please  complete your club membership signup in wix, and then send payment through Paypal to or scan the QR code below.   And describe what your purchasing in comment section of payments.

BC Paypal QR code.JPG
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