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Without a still we couldn't have whiskey, so why not spend some time learning about the distillation process and what master distillers are up to behind the scenes to create some golden nectar.  We love it when distillery's come and show off their products and teach us about their unique techniques, but its also important to get out to distilleries for that same reason.

Ry3 toasted



This is our first distiller to come to a club event, and we plan to have this be our first club distillery visit.



Our closest distiller located in Newport News, VA.  We had a sneak tasting of some of the newest and oldest whiskey to come out of the distillery.  A distillery visit and tasting in the late fall/early winter is in the works.  

Ironclad -sample kit -$25
straight, old kernel, toasted, double oak
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KO Bottles


KO Distilling

From Manassas VA.  Bare knuckle continues to put some solid whiskey (and other spirits) on VA shelves.



Our 3rd or 4th Distillery tasting will likely be sent from out of state.  We will try to provide sample kits for club members who can choose to participate with us live or at a later time with recorded sessions. 


*All club item purchases available the Friday after purchase

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